Understanding How Alli Works

I have learned how important it is to be among like minded people, to learn from them and grow with them, and for this reason I want each woman to understand how Alli works.  In scientific terms, Alli attaches itself to some of your natural enzymes within your digestive system.


When this happens, the enzymes are prevented in breaking down about a quarter of the fat you eat.  When fat is not digested, it is not able to be passed through the body naturally.

When you body has excess fat, this is not harmful.  (Oddly, this fat may even appear as an oil when you glance in the toilet after a bowel movement).  One of the most important factors you must remember when taking Alli is to not consume a diet with too much fat content.  The side effects of oily stools are not pleasant.

Always keep this as a main rule of thumb in your head.

One of the great thing about taking Alli along with following your personal diet plan is that it will allow you to lose 50% more weight than you would with dieting alone. Alli promotes gradual weight loss, typically 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Basically, you need to make mild changes to your diet and how much you exercise.  For example, if you typically walk two miles per day more than usual and eat about 300 less calories per day, you should lose at least a pound a week. (Just remember, when weight is lost too quickly, you will gain it back just as quick).

I Was Able to See Results Within the First Two Weeks!

It’s also very important to take a multi-vitamin while taking Alli for this will ensure adequate absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K and beta-carotene.

If you are like me and have ever tried other diet pills, you may have felt jittery, suffered from sleeplessness and or had a racing heart beat.  You will not experience any of these side effects with alli.  Alli is the first and only FDA approved, non-prescription  drug available.

When you sign up with Alli, you will need to register with the myalliplan online.  After answering a brief confidential questionnaire, the myalliplan will send you a personal action plan.  The myalliplan has been the backbone for me in my Alli weight loss venture.

In the first few weeks of your alli plan, you will probably experience some possible treatment effects.  Trust me, don’t let this discourage you because the effects do pass.  If you do experience side effects, this is usually due to consuming fatty food.

I have found that when this happens, it’s best to write this particular food down in a food journal to prevent this from happening again.  You will learn which foods trigger the fatty food side effect.

I have found that Alli is not designed to do all of the work in dieting.  When you have really decided to make a commitment to lose weight, alli is perfect when you combine it with the diet plan and exercise.  Your individual total caloric needs will be determined by your activity level and weight.

I just want to tell every woman who desires to lose weight -


If I can do this, believe me, anyone can.  Whenever I start to think about candy bars, I just look at my graph on my myalliplan site, and I am reminded that I have a plan.  The support is phenomenal!  Stick with this plan and you will see results.

If you fall, get back up!  There’s no harm, no foul, no failure.  You just dust yourself off and start again.  Never be too hard on yourself and give yourself credit where credit is due.

I can honestly say I have gone down 4 dress sizes and I am still looking towards my next goal weight.  I feel secure in knowing how I have lost this weight the healthy way and in knowing this weight will stay off.

The outcome has been well worth the effort, and I beleive the same will happen for you. The next important thing you deserve to do now is get your own supply of Alli by CLICKING HERE NOW!


Is Alli The Right Choice For You?

When, and if you do find the time to cook, do you find yourself cooking foods everyone else in your family enjoys just to make them happy, are you gaining weight because of what you cook? If you answered “yes” you are not alone, not by a long shot…

Are you brave enough to answer these questions?

  • Have you ever joined a gym in great hopes of working out to get fit?
  • Have you tried several different diets this year with no success?
  • Do you sometimes deprive yourself of breakfast or lunch and reward yourself with a big dinner and fattening dessert?

Once again, If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you are a part of the growing trend of women suffering from steady weight gain, but there is a hope and many women like myself have found relief from this steady weight gain.

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I know I have been guilty of and have answered “yes” to most all of these questions I have asked you, as women we all know the daily challenges life can put dieting on the back burner.

Family, work and personal time can seem merely impossible if not well out of reach.

There comes a point when we need to take a personal inventory of ourselves and make choices which improve our well being and confidence.
This is just what I had to do, and this is where Alli came into my life.

My Experience With Alli

My experience with alli has had a tremendous impact on my life and I just want to share with other women this wonderful weight loss alternative.

Most diets I have experienced seemed so unrealistic to follow, and what I have discovered is that Alli integrates all of the key factors which have honestly helped me to look and feel great.

Alli is definitely a more realistic approach for any woman who is looking for an effective diet.

To begin to find out if Alli is the right choice for you, ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are you willing to do the hard work it takes to lose weight gradually?
  • Are you committed to following a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet?
  • Do you understand the importance of not taking Alli with a meal high in fat content to avoid unwanted side effects?
  • Are you committed to eating smaller portions?
  • Are you willing to make more time to be physically active?
  • Will you read and follow the Alli label?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to the above questions, you are on your way to also experience the positive impact of Alli, and iIf you really think about it, these aren’t over demanding requests to ask of yourself.

But if you found it difficult to answer any of these 6 questions you may want to really take a look within and determine what you really want in your life. As for me I want to be here for my family, and I want to see my kids grow up and have families of their own.

If you feel the same way that I do you deserve to give Alli a chance and be a part of the many success stories of other women who have tried and succeeded with Alli.

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